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Grape Application Multi-functional Greenhouse Film

分类:Agricultural greenhouse film 501

Properties of products

The product is made of excellent PE and imported functional additives by three-layer co-extrusion blow molding with IBC system. The utility model has the advantages of long service life, remarkable flow drop effect, high light transmittance, high temperature resistance, etc. . At the same time, according to the needs of grape growth, the use of a selective light through the different wavelength of auxiliaries, can make grapes bright color, full fruit, sweetness increased. Service Life ≥12 months (thickness ≥0.06 mm film) , flow retention ≥3 months, light transmittance ≥85% , fog ≤35% .

Range of application

The utility model is mainly suitable for covering grape, and can also be used for common greenhouse covering such as vegetables.

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